Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Found Postcards: Berlin 2008

Page Three: We are visitors to the Holocaust Memorial and not for the first time. Nevertheless, the same feelings engulf us each time ... apprehension and a vague feeling of rising panic. It is as bleak today as you ?

Page Four: blank page

P7/24: Hi Jeni, Greetings from Berlin. My Girlfriend and me have found this page at the subway - Station Stadtmitte. we were on the way to Circus named Salto Natale. Timo & Anita

8/24: Local Onions. What has body and soul together? Exactly . . . Onion Soup : Zweibelsuppe

Gorgeous . . . and healthy . . . delicious

Claus alias Blau.Baer, mail to

Fifteen: Hello! I'm a postman and I work on the Kurfurstendamm. I find this card at the 7th of April. Many greetings from Berlin. Kai!

Seventeen of twenty four: Dear Jeni, I've found your postcard a couple of weeks ago in my shop and kept it - not knowing what to tell a stranger. 3 days ago it was my birthday. Now I know what to tell a person I don't know: Tell him/her what others say to you at your birthday.

So Jeni, I wish you all the best luck, love and happyness & good luck for your book project!
Love Katrina

Twenty.Three: Found at Neue Nationalgalerie (Hamburger Banhof) on 9/4/08 by 18 year old Caterina Clerici and her group of weird Italian pizza-and-pasta-eating friends.
Those loud and lazy Italians went to Berlin on a schooltrip, to find that so-called German "Volk-Geist" they had heard of so many times at school. They were all looking for true art, innovation, changes, inspiration, for a new way of thinking. In four magic days they just found beer, fun, art, beer, ?, tears, very tasty beer, smiles, split-ends, hangovers, fights, parties. And it's all fun and games - as they say - until the moment you have to go back home (and that moment is now). But (still) all the Italians around me are smiling, and they look way fatter.

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