Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Alte National Galerie

From Evernote:

Alte National Galerie

Layers of paint rest heavily

Light Muslin blinds filter sunlight

Ears take in the guided detail, cocooned from their surroundings by cloth coverings and foam, softening the sound and protecting their deliverable

Gold opulence frames it all, door, painting, wall section.  Glowing in the warmth of the day outside. 

Busts rest solidly upon plinths, a respectful distance apart from each other.

Grandly carpeted curving staircase steps sweep upwards, closer to today.  

A welcome break in tradition rests on floor and walls, lower down; gold frames, black legs delivered in black and white images, suggestive sepia tint. A dusty floor and one absent mirror.

Dropped frame, light box, slipped image.

I told you some boys were bad

Tour guide ended

Aching limbs move sluggishly in the baking heat

Home, at last.

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