Thursday, 26 July 2012

Axis of Continuity, Jewish Museum

Synagogenstrasse . . . Am Judenstein . . . Judegasse . . . Judenstrasse . . . Judenhof

a wishing tree . . . festooned with hopes and dreams for never again

Shoah | Unit | Shum
communities | people | lives

Please blow steadily up the left hand page, the page will turn.  
Please wait at the entrance until the curtain opens.
This clock tells you how long you will have to wait. 


Huh hmm 
The ocean, it looked like .…and water sprayed out


It's very real, yeah


Darkening room, whispers

Delivered in German: supported by the electronic ticker machine delivering short sentences; under nourished information compared to the continuous babble of the narrator.  

Three towns were the main Jewish centres from the Middle Ages: Worms, first settled by Jews in 960.  The Jewish area of town had 3 main places: the Bath house, cemetery and synagogue.

Synagogue; learning and praying, women had a separate section with a small window to view through, distanced, separated, different.

Shrine | Torah | Dance house

Mikveh, collection of waters, women went in before marriage, after menses and childbirth.


Tied together by belief hope salvation

Prejudicial attitudes : middle age origins

Guild-barred; skilful, hidden talents

Stones rest atop gravestones

New mothers were considered impure for forty days.  If they had given birth to a girl, this period was twice as long. 

  The object
  The ritual
  The place

Washing; purifying the soul and cleansing of the hands

An Xmas tree appears incongruous in the open space, haunted, haunting

We leave to fill our bellies and sit in the airy glass atrium  

The garden looks beautiful, peaceful and calm, a sea of green; no other colour will do

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