Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Konzerthaus Berlin

From Evernote:

Konzerthaus Berlin

Listening to the chatter. Languages gently intermingle into the solidity of the buildings, absorbed and absorbing, each to the other.

Charmed by our location, quiet, almost still.  Low hum of conversation as people talk together; the occasional louder laughter cuts in, layering levels of audible noise one over the other and it is hard to distinguish where each unique voice comes from.

The space we inhabit now, stone cobbles, majestic and proud; striking stone buildings stand easy in the open square. Yet it is the sound that builds on the layers of this place to give it it's air.

My mind wanders, I could almost be anywhere, yet I am here.

Bikes ride by, their clattering sounds on the tiny squared stones of the decorative cobbled walkway.  

Warm air, apparently no mosquitoes … yet

the night draws in, darkening shadows, music drifts through positive air


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