Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Memorial to the murdered Jews

From Evernote:

Memorial to the murdered Jews

Children having fun; jumping, running about, between and along the deepening, drifting corridors of cobbled floor.  

Hallo! Get down!

Their free interventions jar, the interruptions jar, the place and experience jar; discomfort abounds

Tilted slightly

A breeze blows by, gently reminding us of  something we all experience, warmth of the sun, cool stones 

Clicks and whirrs as cameras capture the view; inappropriate use of word 'view'?
Traffic noises distanced
Shadows, light, cool stone, warm air
Rise and dip of the undulating ground

This feels different, should we spend time revisiting places?  

Suddenly, a new direction and a caged space appears, steps down to an unknown place, eerily in the outside air I encounter a sign, 'emergency exit' on a door that opens to an underground space.  

It takes me a while, and in those moments my fears take over me, Why underground, why an exit from the air to inside, what lies behind true door that could offer safety.

The dawning realisation that this is completely wrong, the door is an exit, for those on the inside.  I shift my discomfort away and feel a sense of guilt at my stupidity, and take a tiny hint of how living in this country as a Jewish person might have been.

Yet how can we even begin to believe that we have experienced anything like they did?  Discomfort is not the same

I walk up to the street level and emerge to the sunshine and warmth.

Affected, shifted, guilty

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