Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Neues Museum: Room 206

From Evernote:

Neues Museum: Room 206

Standing at the Gates of Paradise

Spoken words, I listen:

Violet brown marble
Ionic columns
Modern ceiling
Replaced floor
Columns re-raised
The modern room 
Plaster copies


Only original work of art; plaster mould of the Gates of Paradise from the baptistery of St John in Florence; very badly damaged, now in its original position.

A history of the space itself brings in layers that intertwine with our own histories, family connections, country histories.  We seek to tie boundaries round things to name, identify, categorise yet they are a seires of intertwined happenings and events that have no boundary.  Our existences come together and drift apart.

Fixed grins

They stand and discuss

Others wait to take the single image and move on. The cool floor entices me to remove my flip flops to remove some of the relentless heat from my body.

Silently, hushed voices

Different meanings captured by the place and the purpose behind which these people visit.  

audio guide; brief

Two small ladies listen to the audio and chatter, attempting to interpret in their own words what this object is.

It is the complex nature of our own experience that enriches the visit: observing others, their interaction.  

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