Thursday, 19 July 2012

Revisiting Utopia

From Evernote:

After lunch we take the double decker bus to Preston bus station . . . 

Stand 42, Charles

 2:15 0:00 . . . Left luggage . . . Take photos . . . People to ask . . . Raining . . . Coffee . . . 

Keep off anti vandal paint

Caution wet floor, Valued user

  Bay 40: we meet again

LIKED: Driving ramps, pillars, structure

SIGNS: Markets | Exit town centre | Lost property enquiries

Original flooring Pirelli

There's a lady that comes twice a year to wind the clock up

Cafeteria surreal . . .Normal . . . Flower on . . .Looking at that photo over breakfast . . .Oh, I've been turning mine off
It 'ad old fashioned double doors
Gamull Lane
Robertson Lane
There used to be a record shop here
Oh no it weren't
Bay 80: Pedestrian crossing, we have a large rural bus network: 3 subway 3 ramps 1 overhead. Local tiles: Shaws. It's a significant community building.

Car park

Escape route
View of access ramps
Taxi rank

Views over the countryside, Stalactites

Modular construction, Ramps

Rain soaked hills shrouded in mizzling mist. Bitter aromas fill my senses and for a moment I'm distracted, wondering how to describe, to articulate the intense nature of this smell

Ramp to go higher, its not, its just from ramp underneath


People sleeping in stairwells, using the space in a different way, not an intended function of the building, a social problem played out in a public place.
Down stairs we go, many flights, conversing more easily as we descend

"Rah rah", a small boy, pushed along in his buggy, transport for developing legs, whilst developing lungs play with the echoing spatial quality of the underpass.

Keep to one side or another
Buses are above us
Hiya Tracy
Wondering. Planners brief, client asked for these underpasses to separate pedestrians, keep them safe from traffic, now they get a bad press

Here you get a magical sense of the building. You appear and don't know where you'll come out

Spiderweb silky tied voiles
Byron's, Shelley and Julie. I thought you went there once
Stonehenge, well, henge

You would be quite intimidated, if I said that's a lovely baby

Venue for festivals . . . Urban garden, Cafe green space - not enough green. Walking park in New York, see it positively - running track, views and making use of them

Nick: Peckham bus station, terrible car park, signage up ten flights. Pop up cafe, Franks cafe . . . creating a destination

Owen: it's gentrified by Franks cafe and the people who go there now. First visit, what is the continuing existing thread to this? What is it and who owns it? Full of emotional aesthetic and current potential. Efforts of local bodies, take this to influence to . . .

Hebden bridge, taken over the Town Hall, could run as bus station owned by the community for the community

It's not a vacuum, it's more inertia

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