Monday, 15 October 2012

Challenging the Archive

How much we know about where we live, play and go to school? What makes a place local?
Sticking a pin in the map can mark a place, but it is the exploration around that space that begins to enhance our understanding; through archives, history books, physical walks we absorb and understand more about the area, we start to build a picture of time passing and contrasts through change, influenced by man.
Jeni's practice is hooked in to place and people, she explores what it means to be local and delves into archives, and histories, the surface of the land and what lies below to find materials with which to create artists' books, installations, sculptures and interventions which engage with people and respond to a place.
The materials she uses also reflect these subjects: salt, oak apple ink, sandstone.
Jeni was the Artist in Residence for the Exploring Halton's Collections project between 2008-2011, delving into Halton's four public collections and responding to them in a wide range of ways from museum displays CABINETS to public interventions TEACUP, TABLE TALK and a solo exhibition at the Brindley.
She has recently worked with pupils from both primary STORIES OF CHAT MOSS and secondary schools INSPIRED RESPONSES, OLDHAM WALKS, taking them on local walks to learn more about their local area and create work in response.



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