Wednesday, 6 March 2013

One leg, or two?

It caught my eye as I flicked back to front through the images, could I see two legs, or was there just one?

I moved on

Grey cover, extruded words. There is something odd about the phrase blind embossing, a process where being blind could inhibit the production method. It is done with seeing eyes; the lack of ink the only missing part of the process.

Lines of grey concrete slabs appear often

Everyday people captured unknown and unknowingly

Fleeting moments of people's lives
Bundled rags
The heat not really making an impact
Darkness, shadows

Depths in places


Water rain dripping, pouring, laying, drifting, enclosing

Lush green pricks through the monochrome in my synapses

Words interject

Different opinions, same place

It was one, duplicated.

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