Thursday, 21 March 2013

Reading Roo Borson

In her poem Summer Grass, here and there places are questioned, home and not home

. . . and home is just a place you started out,
the only place you still know how to think from
so that that place is mated to this
by necessity as well as choice
though now you have to start again from here
and it isn't home . . .

The discussion in the library a couple of weeks ago still lingers with me. The excerpt from Summer Grass takes my mind back to listening to Nicolas Bourriaud describing the artist as a radicant, a strawberry or ivy type plant which sets down roots in the places it touches, but also keeps its connection back to its original source. It isn't home, but we still have a connection to home. In the way that Bachelard reflects, the oneiric house the place where our hopes and dreams are formed, which we compare to all our subsequent places.

Displacement triggers looking back, comparing and sometimes yearning too, yet some don't carry that with them.

What is the effect we as artists have on a place that we are less connected to because it isn't our home. 
How do cultural differences affect our connection to place?
In the discussion Alfredo Jaar was mentioned, how he makes work as if speaking on behalf of the community, yet the community may not agree with his view. Is our place to question and respond with our view, or to respond with a community shaped view?

Who's view is it really?

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