Wednesday, 28 August 2013

At the Edge of Darkness - Introduction

The project has been founded on research into the poet Anna Barbauld, who lived in Warrington. Barbauld influenced many great Romantic poets, and was in her time well known, yet has since been ‘unwritten’ from general consciousness. We will lead a series of four workshops with other creative practitioners, asking them to create new works in response to Barbauld’s writing, her absence from the historic narrative, and what often inspired her - the environment of Warrington and its surroundings.

A call was made for creative practitioners to participate in a series of workshops resulting in new work, a publication and performance event to be held as part of Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival 2013. We looked for participants who could be open to working across disciplines and collaboratively.  The work created need not be poetry, but should include some written or performative element, ie, Spoken word practices, fiction writing, text art, performance art, contemporary dance, vocal performance.

The final output resulting from the workshops will be shown as performance and/or be included in the publication which will both launch on Saturday, 2nd November 2013.

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