Tuesday, 24 September 2013

stonepaperwater, and us - Introduction

A performance for Not A Drop, a 48-hour arts event that used creativity to draw attention to the ecological, social and political issues associated with water.

47/49 Tanner Street, London, SE1 3LP | 27 & 28 Sept 2013

Jeni McConnell | Kerry Morrison

Leaving a hand-drawn trace of their journey through London streets Jeni & Kerry will depart from Tanner Street to follow the drift of falling land down to the River Thames.

Amidst the mud and tidal debris river stones will be hauled into pails and washed in river water.

They will return, stone-laden to Tanner Street.

There, dissolving paper will be ripped and suspended forming thin streams of white strands, shifting imperceptibly in the passing whisper of the building’s breath.  A hint to the ebb and flow of water which washed and smoothed the solid surfaces of the resting river stones below.

Visitors select a paper strand; watery words are written on the white surface. Then, the flow of words and stream of paper are tightly bound together around their chosen stone.

The writer returns the stone to water: delivering their message, keeping their thoughts.


11:00 – 14.00

  Timed to the tidal drift of the Thames
  Jeni and Kerry are out
  In water that's out
  Over which the Thames has flowed

  Pails of stones and pails of water
  Brought back, carried
  To this spot
  Can write your thoughts for Not a Drop

15:00 – 18.00

  Writing an’ wrapping


12:00 – 15:00

  Writing an’ wrapping

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