Monday, 1 September 2014

Fort Walney Uncovered - Introduction

An Art Gene project, funded by HLF took place in and around the North End Nature Reserve on Walney Island in the summer of 2014.  Artists, archaeologists and community volunteers worked together to uncover, document and interpret a rare First World War practice trench and a rifle range. These features were part of the training camp established in 1911-13, adjacent to land that was used to test-fly airships designed by Barnes-Wallis (of bouncing bomb fame) for Vickers Ltd.

The project will produce artwork that interprets these features and the history of Fort Walney including a digital map and smart phone app to guide visitors to the site.

Set among the sand dunes in and around the National Nature Reserve, in an area of wild, natural beauty, these features have no signage or interpretation to direct or educate visitors around the site and so are easily overlooked and vulnerable to continuing erosion and damage.


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