Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Inspired Responses - Update

Exhibition | Jan-Feb 2015 at The Brindley, Runcorn


We made two significant decisions at our first planning meeting; we would use paper and old books as our key material, and we would work with the theme of metamorphosis. 

I love to get out and about for inspiration, so the opportunity to take the Wade Deacon students out of their classroom comfort zone was very welcome.  We were lucky enough despite the lateness of the year to be able to negotiate a visit to the Victoria ParkButterfly House and still managed to find evidence of the four stages of metamorphosis, including a few live butterflies, some beautiful, delicate papery thin chrysalis cocoons and a few huge caterpillars. 

In my work I have often used old books, folding and cutting them to create three-dimensional sculptural structures.  In the workshop sessions I showed the students how to cut and fold paper and book pages to create different shapes and forms, we also played with cut paper to make concertina caterpillar shapes and used found words and phrases from the old books to create found text butterfly egg poems.

I was really impressed with the students.  Each time I visited they became more and more engaged, often staying quite late at the end of the school day to work on their own and in groups, developing ideas and talking through challenges.  I think they should be very pleased with the results of their hard work.


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