Wednesday, 3 June 2015


. . . this was taken yesterday, a day of frenetic clouds scudding across the skies of North West  England, filled with spitten raindrops which occasionally teased themselves apart from their grey structured form, falling ever downwards to connect with me, my bike and my panniers filled with food, cameras, water, spare clothing and bike tools. I must have thought I was on an incredible mission, yet I cycled about eight miles in all during the day.

I spent much time walking around the North Walney Nature Reserve, observing, delving, listening and recording; the background roar of the receding tide, an overlaid often fierce wind rustling the grasses frenetically, shrilling the water surfaces into shadowed peaks and troughs.

In the depths of the trenches I set the camera to record the sky, repeatedly moving along the guttered corridor, connecting connected views.

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