Wednesday, 21 October 2015


A quirky engagement project took place on the Leeds-Liverpool canal in Blackburn this month, capturing the imagination of canal users who were asked to navigate their way along 100m of the towpath imaging their journey as a different canal user - pedestrians could be fisher-folk, cyclists or maybe boaters. Cyclists imagined their route as anything other than cyclists - and I took a quirky photograph to build a collection of instant images, which were pegged along the railings for everyone to see.

#sharethespace is a Canal & River Trust project engaging with canal users throughout the country, encouraging them to share the space they use with others - to be considerate, open to the needs of others, to be aware and to share.

Each person we met was given a small unique artists' book to thank them for contributing to the project, with hints and tips on what to look for on their 'different' journey - we even had someone who danced their one hundred metres!

Thank you so much for your brilliant support and 
enthusiastic engagement, I think the project really 
complimented our Share the Space event and the 
photos are fantastic. 

Sarah Knight
Development & Engagement Manager, Canal & River Trust


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