Monday, 23 November 2015

Homeless Library plans

I'm off to Stockport in the morning to run another workshop at the Wellspring Centre, so today has been a creative prep day.  I had thought about clam shell boxes, which would be a great way to store different forms of book together, but working through the prep I realised they have such a time consuming and fiddly construction process, I've gone for something slightly less complicated.

I've been to this centre before; last time I was showing people how to fold books into sculptural objects.  After I'd gone Lois and Philip worked their magic on later visits to encourage the people who visit the centre to add words about their homeless experiences; ink printed slips of text, handwritten notes, sketchy images of encounters and situations, raw feelings and physical discomfort, human kindness, the solace of drugs and alcohol, disappointment and anger.

It was such a pleasure to do the last session, I'm really looking forward to going back.  My bags are fully loaded with bone folders, glue, many rolls of book binding cloth and lovely handmade papers amongst a raft of other accoutrements!  It will be interesting to see what we all create.

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