Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Talking content, form and classification

There's been so much activity since I last worked with  Lois and Philip; the Homeless Library has grown to become a vast array of words contained within many different and curious book forms in all shapes and sizes.

We decided to lay as much as we could out on the table to see what there was, the image below shows a small part of the collection so far.  It really sharpened our minds to the scale of the future task and sparked a great conversation about the whole and its constituent parts; we talked ordering and sorting, display and interaction, particularly once it becomes it's final form; a travelling library.

The different physical shapes and sizes present a great challenge to how the whole will come together best.  We talked around classification and the Dewey system in particular - how can these physical forms, be intertwined with stories and poetry in a way that doesn't become too complex to disconnect those who wish to engage.

Our discussion will continue today and I'm really looking forward to how we get on.


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