Friday, 25 November 2016

Tell it to the Water

Nearly four hundred messages were gathered from events along the Leeds-Liverpool canal, all written onto dissolving paper strips which were carefully wrapped around pieces of coal and limestone. During September 2016 they were gently placed into the watery depths of the canal.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Fort Walney Uncovered | EXHIBITION

My textile pieces in response to my residency with Art Gene for their Fort Walney Uncovered project were publicly displayed as part of an immensely rich showcase of work responding to the physical location of the Northern tip of Walney Island and the community archaeological dig and resulting research into WWI practice trenches and the firing range.

The table runner (floor display) and sandbags are all made using fabrics of war. A German Army Officer's dress trousers, a British Army trench coat woollen liner, a German army blanket and British blackout curtains; previous use and intentions unpicked and reformed to reflect on the research and dig findings.